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As of April 5th, 2019 HUD Maker will be shutting down. We have enjoyed providing this service for 12 years, and are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

 Create and Receive HUD-1 Settlement Statements via Email
Automatically Saves
Each time you create a HUD-1, simply send the completed form and your work is saved automatically.

 Calculated Sections of the HUD-1 Statement are Filled In Automatically
Calculations Are Done For You
Totals are calculated for and carried over to the correct positions and all amounts are formatted consistently and professionally.


 Enter Custom Text into any of the Statement's Fields
Customize Any Text Field
Forms can be modified to meet your specific requirement.  Just double click on any text area and begin typing.

 Create Professional HUD-1 Settlement Statements in PDF Format
Professional Results
The resulting HUD-1 Settlement Statement is a professional PDF document that can be opened by the free Acrobat Reader.  Print in Legal or Letter size.

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